Donations list

  • MyTribeIsArt

    We have established the #mytribeisart project. It is about promoting artistic talent. So far, there are over 100 youth from all over Kenya involved in the group. We want to facilitate development, empowerment, work and job creation. Currently we are working together on an upcoming art expo in Voi Kenya themed “life on land”. The tentative

    Status NOK14400 Donors 9 Mål/Goal NOK20000
  • Borehole/vannboring

    We have received donations to start the borehole project at the Mbulia farm where the Ngele Project is. Water will be the key factor to take the farm and the surrounding area forward. Failing rains are presenting both people and animals with life threatening conditions, and also affecting health, education and development in the community. The first

    Status NOK70500 Donors 2 Mål/Goal NOK200000
  • Matokeo womens group

    Kvinnegruppen Matokeo hjelper kvinner og alenemødre på flere områder. The Matokeo womens group is empowering women and single mothers in a variety of skills.

    Status NOK 10260 Donors 9 Mål/Goal NOK 30000
  • Silent Voices

    Silent Voices er barn med tale og hørselssvekking ved Mwanyambo Primary School i Voi. Silent Voices are the hearing impaired children at the Mwanyambo Primary School i Voi

    Status NOK 5000 Donors 3 Mål/Goal NOK 10000