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Gaver (kontonr. 32605337065)/ Donations

Hva vi gjør / What we do

Foreningen ManGo Development igangsetter og støtter bærekraftige utviklingsprosjekt i Kenya. Fokus er på entreprenørskap. Foreningen bidrar med kunnskaps- og kompetanseoverføring, finansiering av verktøy og med aktiv deltakelse i prosjektene. Alle prosjekt har en lokal tilknytning og kontakt i Kenya.

Inntil ManGo Development ble registrert i mars 2015, har alle prosjektene blitt finansiert med private midler fra initiativtakerne, familie og nære venner. Nå ber vi flere om å ta prosjektene videre.

ManGo Development initiates and supports sustainable development projects in Kenya. Focus is on entrepreneurial projects. ManGo Development contributes with knowledge- and competence transfer, the financing of tools, and do active follow-up and support in each project. All projects have a local affiliation and contacts in Kenya.

Until ManGo Development was registered in March 2015, all projects have been financed privately by the founders, family and close friends. Now we are reaching out to you to take projects further.

Prosjekt blogg / Projects

  • MODL0513

    Dancing Savannah

    In July 2018 we did the Dancing Savannah festival. It was organised by ManGo Development through our #MyTribeIsArt group and the local community. We plan to have it annually. This year it took place in Mbulia. The aim is utilising the arts into opening an avenue for interacting more closely and directly with the communities

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  • Post_image

    Development and art

    ManGo Development has established the #mytribeisart project. It is about promoting artistic talent. So far, there are over 100 youth from all over Kenya involved in the group. Art expresses our feelings, our ambitions, and our message. On our platform #mytribeisart; art is the language we use to build friendship, foster entrepreneurship, and generate business

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  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    Kilimanjaro view

    Directly to the west of our Mbulia farm is Mount Kilimanjaro. Most of the day it is covered in clouds and mist, but at sunset the well-known profile appears – like magic. The cloud banks sink and the mist disintegrates to reveal the mountains 5,895-meter greatness. If you come to Kenya, you are welcome to

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  • Extension

    Soap production

    This summer we built an extension to the house. It will be used for natural soap production. This is also an extension to the production of milk at the Mbulia farm. Goat milk is a very good ingredient in soap. Already, we have hired two people part time to start the soap production. An experienced

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